Watching Grendel play

This is a video from Christmas 2003.  Nothing fancy here; just Grendel playing and having fun.  Sometimes the simple pleasures in life are the most important, including childlike play.  I am a strong advocate for remaining in touch with our inner child…

[that is Kazon who makes a brief appearance with Grendel]

3 thoughts on “Watching Grendel play”

  1. This is the exact reasoning behind my wanting to go back to Disneyland with my friend Doll and James. There is nothing better than being with your friends and turning back into a 5 year old…especially when they have too.

  2. Sometimes my inner child lives vicariously through my cats. Mostly I just let it wander the streets when it wants to. Life’s too short to be taken seriously.

    Cats are good people, Farl. But I have the impression you really have your heart set on a dog.

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