Christian or anti-Christian? Which are we?

PZ has an excellent post at Pharyngula that I think is worthy of mention.  It is an interesting response to what he found when he stumbled across a site called Christian Underground.  He links to it so I don’t have to (I wouldn’t anyway).

His response is excellent, but what he is responding to is disturbing — and also entertaining in a sadomasochistic way.  Are the people saying this not the very same people who are running and ruining the country, taking us backward in privacy, security, science, freedom (of all kinds), international relations, and a litany of other national and state horrors?  I think they are, and that is frightening.

3 thoughts on “Christian or anti-Christian? Which are we?”

  1. I was raised in a fairly religious Christian home. Over time(Mainly when I got old enough to understand) it really lost it’s appeal. Too many things do not make sense to me on why religion should even exist.

    *8 billion people on this planet, and who knows how many zillions in the Universe we don’t even know about… and I got not only a God but his son watching over me 24/7? I don’t buy it.

    *Why should I, or anyone, after the age of about 15 get up and goto Church? We’ve done sunday school and a good number of years of Church at this point to learn about religion, the lord, how to pray, what it all means, yadda yadda yadda. Can we not worship and pray in our own homes at this point?

    *See the previous bullet… why should I then donate money to one of these churches so that the pastor/preacher/rabi/whatever can drive a nicer car than myself, live in a better home, eat better food, send all 8 of his children to fine colleges, wear $2000 suits, have the very BEST in healthcare, etc???

    *Someone PLEASE show me the remains of Adam & Eve. They can show me the rib of a prehistoric man dating back hundreds of thousands of years, but we find nothing at all of the great Ark, and of the folks from the bible, or much of anything significant to prove the theory of religion.

    No, I believe rather that the Bible is simply a very good book. I’ve read it cover-to-cover several times over my life(Except for the whole this dude begat that dude part *Yawn* )
    I mean, I read Harry Potter too but I don’t worship the kid. I don’t want to send him money, or fly to england to pray about him. It was just a good book.

    I dunno. I believe what I can see and what can be proven to me. Oh ME of little faith, huh? 🙄

    See, Jason…. if we had a MESSAGE BOARD we could all discuss this thoroughly!

  2. I too was raised in a religious home. This exposed me to many Christian denominations. Through friends and my own religious studies, I also gained exposure to most of the major religions and philosophies. I studiously analyzed them, read all the marketing material and any books upon which they were based, spoke to believers and non-believers alike, and essentially did a full evaluation of whether or not there was anything there. As a scientist at heart, I gave due diligence to each and assessed them based on the facts as I know them, my own feelings and impressions, and what can be seen throughout history in their practice.

    While the philosophical studies were useful and provided tremendous insight, the religious studies had the opposite effect. I found religions lacking, without merit, replete with hypocrisy and deception and selfishness, selectively followed and interpreted, and wholly designed to enrich the few while subjugating the many. They also are for those who are incapable of accepting life as it is presented, essentially acting as a crutch when people cannot find the strength within.

    They are sexist, “good ol’ boy” networks that prey on the weak while suppressing dissent and those who are do not believe or follow the same narrow, morally bankrupt teachings. They enforce their dogmatic views on the masses with no concern for individuality, freedom, equality, or social progress. In my opinion, they are an offense to the very nature of man and the cosmos; they’re used to provide “fight or flight” coverage for those who fear death and see it as a direct threat against their lives (see this comment for an explanation of that).

    That being said, I know many religious people who practice the best traits of their faiths. These people are wonderful examples of what religion really should be used for — to make the world a better place, to love and cherish, to forgive, to help and aid those in need, and to set a high moral standard by which to live without infringing on the rights of others. Slacker, my parents, Blindf8th, xocobra & LD, and many other people in my life are religious and embody the very best of their respective faiths. Sadly, people like my brothers, Pat Robertson, Islamic and Christian and Jewish terrorists, Jewish land-grabbers, the fundamental movement in America, and the vast majority of their brethren throughout the world are not so admirable.

    As for the topic derailment: Silly boy. The blog is a message board. The only caveat is that I have to start all the posts, but otherwise the comments function makes it a fully operational group messaging system with the same functionality. I’ve avoided implementing a message board because I don’t want it used to discuss blog topics. That would negate the blog itself.

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