Free association

With this post I am starting a new weekly routine here called “Free association.”  Some of you may recognize that term while others may not.  Let me explain:

Free association is described as a “psychonanalytic procedure in which a person is encouraged to give free rein to his or her thoughts and feelings, verbalizing whatever comes into the mind without monitoring its content.” Over time, this technique is supposed to help bring forth repressed thoughts and feelings that the person can then work through to gain a better sense of self.

I would agree with that explanation of the process, but I am not starting this weekly post in an attempt to analyze myself — or my readership.  I simply cannot take me that seriously, nor should you.  Life is too short to spend over analyzing our own existence.  Spend that time living instead and the journey will be a blessing rather than a curse.

In the spirit of entertainment, I will be following the weekly free association posts at Unconscious Mutterings.  Each week I will post the updated terms along with my own responses.  You’re certainly more than welcome to play along in the comments if you so choose.

I will post the base phrases on the front page, but I will hide my answers below the fold (the “Continue reading…” link) so that your answers are not influenced by mine.  If you want to play along, copy and paste into the comments section and add your own associations.

Remember, the point is not to pause or consider your response to each item.  The correct answer is the first one that pops into your head no matter what it is.

Without further ado, here is the base for this week’s unconsciousness:

  1. Stuffed::
  2. Armstrong::
  3. Bruise::
  4. Content::
  5. Musical::
  6. Assistance::
  7. Scrambling::
  8. Battle::
  9. Extended::
  10. Discount::

My responses:

  1. Stuffed:: Turkey
  2. Armstrong:: Neil
  3. Bruise:: Ego
  4. Content:: Happy
  5. Musical:: Song & dance
  6. Assistance:: Is needed
  7. Scrambling:: Work
  8. Battle:: Religion
  9. Extended:: Family
  10. Discount:: Tires

8 thoughts on “Free association”

  1. First thing that comes to mind, huh? Alright…

    Stuffed:: pork chops (nummy!)
    Armstrong:: neil (Lance popped into my mind almost as quick)
    Bruise:: black-eye
    Content:: what is something made up of
    Musical:: Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.(OMG, why did that pop into my head??)
    Assistance:: Jason needs… 😯
    Scrambling:: eggs
    Battle:: “Love is a battlefield…” – Pat Benatar
    Extended:: Overtime… football!!
    Discount:: Black Friday

  2. lol… ok
    stuffed: this large girl here at work I can overhear right now
    armstrong: yellow
    bruise: knee
    content: ?
    Musical: yuk
    Assistance: rent
    Scrambling: to fix it
    Extended: got a visual of a tree branch
    Discount: it

  3. Battle Axe? How many women on the face of the planet would come with “Axe” for battle?

    Alright, I’m officially intrigued… 8)

  4. OMG… I just realized my answer to that one. Pat Benatar???

    There go all my masculine points. Bested by a lady who comes up with Battle Axe. 😯

  5. 1. Stuffed:: animal
    2. Armstrong:: moon
    3. Bruise:: purple
    4. Content:: editor
    5. Musical:: theater
    6. Assistance:: AAA
    7. Scrambling:: eggs
    8. Battle:: Halo
    9. Extended:: lease
    10. Discount:: cheap

  6. Stuffed:: Jalepeno
    Armstrong:: Tour de France
    Bruise:: My kids legs
    Content:: have no clue
    Musical:: Sound of Music
    Assistance:: Wayne…….
    Scrambling:: That amusement park ride
    Battle:: Lord of the Rings
    Extended:: A sale extended
    Discount:: Coupons.. what else?

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