Grendel’s really improving

I’m thrilled to report that Grendel is showing significant signs of improvement.  Only recently did I reduce his medication to what will hopefully be a maintenance dose, so it will be several days before we’re certain this is going to keep the intestinal damage in check.  In the meantime, however, he’s really starting to show signs of the old Grendel.  Just the other day I was playing with him and expected the same lethargic, half-hearted play that he’s been capable of over the last few weeks, but this time was very different: he ran and leaped and played with gusto and enthusiasm, something he’s not done since November 2005.

I laughed so uproariously and happily that it brought tears to my eyes.  He has suffered so horribly for more than two months, and he’s been only slowly demonstrating any interest in being active to a degree comparable to his pre-illness self.  Even play has been subdued and half-hearted at best — until recently.  The last few days have seen great advances made in his general well-being.  The differences in his play are the best proof of his health being on the up and up.  Seeing him running and leaping and playing with fervor, talking enthusiastically the whole time, was so welcome and refreshing.

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