Carnival barking

The Philosophers’ Carnival #27 has some great stuff ranging from abortion to religion to politics, not to mention a plethora of other goodies to rock your noodle.

The 30th Skeptics’ Circle even comes with a theme song this time.

Medical blogs give it their best in Grand Rounds 2:25.

Tangled Bank Issue 49 has all the coolest science stuff you don’t want to miss.  Go get your science on!

Fly over to I and the Bird #19 for some feathery fun.

Speaking of avian information, Birds in the News #51 has taken wing as well.

As always, Friday Ark #78 is available with all the best animal news for the week.

Carnival of the Cats #103.  Cats.  Need I say more?  And there are as always some fantastic photos in the articles linked from COTC.

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