United 93?

You’ve seen the previews of this movie.  You know it’s about 9/11.  Are you ready for it?  Do you plan/want to see it?  Consider this an open thread on the topic.  I’d like to hear what you think in any respect.

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  1. I’d like to see it but you will have the people that will say that they aren’t ready for it and that it’s a disrespect to the people that lost their lives that day. I say that they can go sit on a pin. People need to see it. They need to watch and learn. It might make people realize that they need to be less selfish. God forbid if it changes ONE person and they do something right in their life.

  2. I’m not yet certain I want to get myself started on this debate because I feel my views are going to differ quite a bit from yours, Jason. If I even begin to try and answer this simple question about the movie being made, it’ll likely spawn a multi-page reply about the concept of “Terror” and the War associated with it.

    Not in the mood for that argument right now. Especially since I know you can mow me down rather easily with the written word and back yours up with more fact than feeling. 😉

    Maybe another time.

    Oh, and yea…. I’ll download the movie after it comes out on a DVD rip and watch it sometime. 😈


  3. What is this Dr. House reputation I have?

    I’m really just interested in what people think about it and am not looking for a debate or discussion topic. It’s just curiosity.

    Personally? I want to see it, although I don’t think it’s worth the theater investment. I’ll wait until it hits video/cable. It could have been made years ago and wouldn’t have bothered me. I am concerned that a lot of it will be conjecture (what happened on the plane), but that’s drama, eh? Since I’ve not seen it yet, I don’t know what kind of psychological or sociological value it will have; that remains to be seen (literally and figuratively).

  4. While I agree with Wayne’s comments on this particular subject I have no definitive opinion. Will I watch it. Probably not, have no time for stuff that rates higher on my interest list. Does it bother me. No, it’s like alot of things on TV for example, if it bothers you, turn it off, dont’ go, don’t watch it.

  5. I really wish you’d put up a MSG Board on your site for discussions and such. The whole 9/11 thing is one topic I dare not touch on your simple blog for fear of unleashing a huge discussion on the matter. That kinda goes against the structure of your present site. Right now, it’s your own private blog where you lay down your thoughts and…. now and then… we minions add a reply or two.

    Have you given anymore thought to a MSG Board?

  6. Well, the whole idea behind allowing comments on posts is because I welcome feedback, discussion, and debate. If I only wanted to hear my own opinions, I’d disable comments altogether. The idea is to allow people to openly respond to what I write regardless of how brief or verbose those responses might be. As I mentioned in response to another blogger disabling comments and voicing concern about people wanting to respond to her personal life, putting it out there invites responses and discussion; otherwise, we’d be writing in personal diaries or journals instead of blogs (a point she altogether missed or ignored).

    The point is that “huge discussions” via the comments is the point: that’s the place to discuss what’s being talked about (or anything else in an open thread). I enjoy that. I endorse it. I encourage it. That’s the whole point of posting and allowing comments.

    Ultimately, if all I want to hear is what I have to say, I’d stop blogging and go back to just writing in a journal.

  7. And related, this article is the kind of thing about which I was wondering. I happen to disagree with him, but I certainly am curious how many other people are still wearing their sensibilities on their shoulders and will think that too little time has passed for this movie to be made. IMHO, as I said, it could have been made years ago, but then I’m the kind of person who likes to face his feelings rather than shunt them to a dark corner of my mind for decades.

    Anyway, I thought I’d share that link as some of you might find it interesting to see how adamant and emotional he is about NOT seeing the movie.

  8. Seems kinda like a very sensative, over-dramatic idiot to me after reading that short article.

    Granted, I have no immediate family that was involved or died on 9/11… But wouldn’t the woman with 2 kids who’s husband is gunned down in a subway for the $13 in his wallet be every bit as grieved as the woman with 2 kids who’s husband died in one of the planes on 9/11?

    I guess I just miss most of the point that makes 9/11 as big a deal as it’s been turned into. I fully agree it was a horrible, terrible catastrophic event. There was need for it, and yes, it was an act of terrorists on US soil. And this was done by a terrorist GROUP…. NOT the country of IRAQ.

    But we’re talking about one single day of events. I challenge anyone to go look at CNN for 1 week and tell me how many people are dying overseas from carbombs and church bombs and suicide bombings and…. you see my point there.

    Yes, a bunch of Americans died on American soil. It’s a tragedy that we are far from used to… But it’s not an everyday occurance. Does it warrant occupying another country in full-out WAR for years on end and costing us more soldier’s lives that we lost to begin with on 9/11, not to mention the BILLIONS of dollars now invested in this “War on terror”???

    I personally think not. I personally think in this day and age, we should have quietly taken those special parts of our military and intelligence and done precision missions and strikes and done what we needed to do. NOT turn the world up on end and go to WAR with a nation of Muslims!!!

    No, I think us being in Iraq is completely stupid to say the least. I think that 75% of the flag-waving and patriotism that has arisen simply due to the events of 9/11 are spurred by the same type of folks that get so bent out of shape and make it their life mission to save earthworms because it’s not fair to the worm to have a hook shoved up it’s ass and used for bait.

    The very thought that a single day’s events has caused what I have witnessed in this country since 9/11 pisses me off. Sorry. It does. And yes…. I’m very patriotic, love my country and did my part during Desert Storm. I’m proud to be American.

    But I’ll be damned if put a big ass american flag on the rear window of my truck, join some club and goto meetings, or sit around cheering for a war lasting multiple years that was spawned by a few hours worth of unfortunate events.

    Should the movie be made? Sure, why not. It’s a movie. I’m shocked it took as long as it did honestly.

    Should the families of the victims on Flight 93 be appalled or hurt or angry about the movie? I can’t answer that. To be blunt, that’s their problem and I’d think it silly if they were. I can tell you this, the woman with 2 kids who’s husband got gunned down in the subway probably didn’t get a multi-million dollar settlement for her “Grief”, noone will sue the city or the Subway line so these families shouldn’t get any money for the making of this movie. They already got their fat checks from the government for their loss.(Which I find totally ridiculous as well) How on earth it can be the government’s or the airline’s fault for what happened 9/11 is about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Will I watch the movie? Sure, why not. It’s a movie. Based on actual events, but still just a mostly fictional film because anyone that actually knows the facts is now dead. The movie can be nothing more than about 85% speculation with possible the raw data from electronic facts used as well. I imagine the names, times, flightplan and course and possibly a small amount of conversation(Cell phone recordings and such) will be used, but the majority of actual events shall NEVER be known.

    Told you I didn’t really want to get involved in this one. 🙄

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