That’s a major ouchie

Ouch!  Go see for yourself; it’ll take all of 10 seconds to see what I mean.  Go!  Do as I say immediately.  You can come back when you’re done.

Did you go?  Are you sure?  Look, if you don’t go before reading the rest of this, none of it will make any sense to you.  Now don’t argue with me and get you little butt over there right now.

Okay, now I’ll continue.

It’s very harsh, I know, and I think he is generalizing overmuch.  I agree the sentiment can certainly be aimed at Dubya and his various handlers.  Similarly, it can be blamed on a great many Americans who fell prey to this régime’s use of FUD, not to mention outright lies, deceptions, and omissions.  But add to that all foreign citizens who likewise took the bait, and the world leaders who jumped on the war bandwagon with our vengeful president.  Yet others were told about and did not question a link between Iraq’s leadership and al-Qa’ida, and therefore 9/11.  And what of those who just wished to lash out after 9/11 and took Iraq’s continued refusal to adhere to UN demands as evidence that the country deserved a good wallop?

Believe me, they’re out there.  A great many supported the idea of war for various reasons.  Even if some of those reasons—or most—are in hindsight a vile, writhing mass of serpents, that does not negate responsibility for supporting Iraq version 2.0.  More amazingly, and in case you didn’t realize it, supporters of this fiasco came from all political affiliations, including the lack thereof.

There is blame, but let’s be sure we apply it gracefully and objectively.  It’s not just the Republicans who are to blame for the war, although they are doing a bang-up job of driving this nation into the ground while they strip it of all that made it glorious and wonderful.  No, poppets, the blame starts at the top and dribbles down from there, and its reach is global.

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