A quickie update on Vazra

The vet called just now regarding Vazra.  His infection tests all came back negative, so he’s free and clear in that regard.  His overall health is good.  They believe him to be geriatric (at least 7 years old [44 human years], but more likely over 10 years old [56 human years]).  They are quite confident he’s in the twilight of his life with only a handful of years remaining, give or take of course.  Knowing he’s a stray (more like abandoned), they said the timing was perfect to move him into a home where he could live comfortably in health for the remainder of his life.

One thing I’ve noticed in the time I’ve been dealing with him is a sensitivity regarding his mouth.  I mentioned once he was missing a top canine tooth.  That and his after-meal and after-drink habits generally told me there were dental problems, not to mention his tendency to swallow whole more than chew his food (although that is not uncommon with cats), and the vet confirmed this.  His teeth are in poor condition.  They think, and I confirmed with observation, that they are causing him discomfort.  I agreed with their suggestion that we perform a major cleaning and extract anything that needs to vacate the premises.  For that reason, he’s staying at the vet this evening and will have his dental surgery in the morning.  If all goes well, he’ll come home tomorrow afternoon with antibiotics and pain medicine.

Despite that one hiccup, he’s otherwise doing well.  He’s had his vaccinations, various tests and general physical, treatment for fleas and ticks, and the knots have been brushed from his fur.  So far so good.  The surgery tomorrow will also provide us an opportunity to perform a few more advanced blood tests that will help definitively outline his overall condition, including liver and kidney function and the like.

I was pleased to hear them describe him as a very sweet cat.  Sure, he had his moments with a few hisses and even a swat or two, but otherwise they thought he was very gentle and loving and pleasant.  That’s the Vazra I know.

As I explained to Jenny earlier, the next part of this process is integration with The Kids.  That is much easier with kittens than adult cats.  This will take longer and be more disruptive, but I think it’s worth the effort.  And I think Vazra will appreciate a home, someplace out of the elements, a place where he can rely on food and water always being available, a place where he can be loved and enjoy the final years of his life without having to fight for survival.

In the meantime, Grendel is going to the vet tomorrow morning for his annual exam, vaccinations, and a checkup on his stonesLoki goes Wednesday morning for the normal annual routine as well as to check on a persistent dry cough he’s had; I suspect that is from shedding despite my brushing them each day, but I want to be sure.  Kazon goes Thursday morning.  It goes without saying this week is full of feline activities.

I will start building a “The Kids” page for Vazra in the coming days.  I’ll also start getting new photos and videos of him once he’s home — in his new home.  You can expect to hear about my integration efforts as well.

5 thoughts on “A quickie update on Vazra”

  1. time for potty training. make sure he knows to flush when he’s done. You’ll need string attached to the handle to start this effort :mrgreen:

  2. Wow, that’s incredible, he’s negative ! That’s a relief, I didn’t think he was that old, and I don’t think you did either – what about neutering, has he been neutered? teeth cleaning is very good idea, just keeping their teeth clean can extend their lives and maintain good health. Pasha you know, is missing alot of his teeth. keep us posted!

  3. I was pleasantly surprised to hear he was negative for the major feline infectious diseases. It was a relief, I assure you.

    And no, I didn’t think he was that old, although I suspected he was not a young’un.

    I asked about his sexual disposition when I was there this morning. They didn’t have that info immediately on hand as they’re still building his file, but we’ll know before he leaves today. I assume he’s neutered based on personality and the fact that he’s apparently an abandoned animal who grew up around people, but I could be wrong. If he’s not, I’ll get that done as soon as possible.

    That’s precisely what we talked about with regards to his teeth (and the cascade failures bad teeth can cause for cats all the way down through vital organs). Not to mention he was obviously in pain as I’d noticed before. He’ll be okay even without all of his teeth, and he’s already quite good at eating without chewing.

  4. Oh, and xocobra, I’m hoping he’s already litter-box trained. Because he’s obviously a pet who was ejected into the lake park, that’s probably already taken care of. I hope…

    And I’m just not into the whole toilet thing for cats. It seems odd, and the older they get the more difficult it would become, at which time you’d have to go back to a litter box anyway. Rather than go full circle, I like to let them practice what they know best — digging and scratching in soft material.

  5. Sounds very good. Maybe he was a pet and had had vaccinations, hence he’s clean of disease. That’s excellent, I was worried about that. Let us know how this progresses, can you bring him home tonight?

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