I Am Woman (or, Profile of a Bitch)

Close-up of Kako in natural light resting on the floor in the bedroom (151_5152)


[Update] I just realized this is a good shot of her ear freckles.  And why do they fascinate me so?  Because Kako was rescued with a serious ear mite infestation, I’ve always been worried those spots indicated a problem with her ears.  They don’t, and I’ve pestered her vet about it time and again to be certain.  They are freckles in the most innocent of ways.  With my own worry subdued with knowledge that they are indeed ear freckles and nothing more sinister, I’ve become intrigued by them to the extent of it being an obsession.  Well, almost.  I’ve never had a cat with ear freckles.  She is the first.  Hence my perhaps unhealthy hang-up with them.  Get over it.  I’m trying to.

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