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Abandoned pets to go to U.S. sanctuaries: “Some 300 homeless dogs and cats, many left behind by owners who fled Lebanon during the Hezbollah-Israel war, will be heading to new sanctuaries in the United States for adoption…”

More of that staunch conservative honesty.  This time it’s Bill O’Reilly.  He “claimed [during an interview with ABC] recently that the FBI had visited him to tell him he was on an Al Qaeda hit list.”  Oddly enough, Fox News denies it, the FBI denies it, his colleagues deny it, and other major media outlets deny it.  But Fox News, being forever desirous of distancing itself from any responsibility whatsoever, added: “We shouldn’t be shouldering the burden of something he said on someone else’s network.”  Really?  He’s your employee; you use his name and reputation to draw viewers into your spider web; you allow him to be the belligerent and disingenuous voice of your network; now, suddenly, you can’t take responsibility for him?  Unfortunately, these are the kinds of heroes the right continues to worship.

While I adamantly hate them because they really work my nerves, I’ve also been rather curious about how the Enzyte commercials (for “natural male enhancement”) could be aired when their claims seem false and misleading at best.  I don’t really know if the product works, but I do know the company that makes and markets it appears completely unable to provide any of the proof their commercials claim they have.  Now, we find the government realizes this as well.  “‘The company president and others made up information in their advertisements, such as endorsements by doctors that did not exist, and results of customer satisfaction surveys that had never been conducted,’ U.S. Attorney Greg Lockhart said.”  Could this be the end of that evil Smiling Bob character that I soooo hate?

Yet more news on Zeke’s condition.  It doesn’t look good but there’s nothing solid to go on yet.  And what do you do while you wait and can’t sleep and can only focus on the dog?  You get up at wee hours to take him for short walks, and you ponder the road ahead as you equally consider what is already lost.

There are rumors Usama bin Laden is dead from typhoid.  Just sayin’.  Don’t believe a word of it until someone shows us a body.  Um, preferably Usama bin Laden’s body, that is.

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