Vazra has this habit of leaning his head to the left (his left).  He doesn’t do it all the time, but he does it most of the time.  It’s amusing and a bit odd all at once.  I’m not sure why he does it.  I do know he does it when he walks and when he looks intently at things and at other times.  It’s funny in the large volume I’m exposed to and probably wouldn’t seem so questionable to cursory visitors who might see it in passing.

Anyway, izquierda is the Spanish word for left (hence the title).  I’ve also taken to referring to him as Lefty from time to time, although I’m still trying desperately to refer to him as Vazra as much as possible to help him learn his real name.

This photo shows only a slight tilt to the left.  I assure you he takes it much further than that on most occasions.

Vazra sitting in the window behind my desk taking a look at me while I snap a photo (153_5317)

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