She was not to be outdone

After posting photos of Vazra lying on his back, Kako adamantly demanded I post some of her.  She made quite clear that resting in such a position was her forte long before it was his.  When I tried to explain it wasn’t a competition and that there were more photos of her on the site than there were of him (because he’s a newer member of the household), she slapped me around a bit and told me never to talk back.  Yes, poppets, she made me cry with her brutality, and her tyranny didn’t end because of my weeping.  Uh-uh, she doesn’t work that way.  Instead, she stood over me and helped me choose some pictures of her doing her thing.  She then forced me to post them.  Thankfully, she left before I was done, so I was able to throw in this brief explanation.  At least now you’ll understand when you see the bruises and scratches.  It’s all her fault.

Kako sleeping on her back (112_1252)
A side shot of Kako sleeping on her back (115_1586)
Kako sleeping on her back with her tail curled over one of her hind legs (115_1582)

[a few notes: I absolutely love the way she curls her toes when she sleeps like this; if you look at the last photo, you’ll see her tail curled over her left hind leg]

4 thoughts on “She was not to be outdone”

  1. I’ve said it before, but damn, those pics inspire me to want to rub my face on her tummy fur. Would that be a fatal mistake? 😯

  2. I wouldn’t call it fatal. She’d let you survive. Heavily disfigured, possibly faceless, but still alive. She’s not kind enough to kill you; she prefers the long, endless suffering.

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