This may not mean a damn thing to anyone, and I doubt it even means much to me given it’s a draft lacking all but one rewrite that’s still in progress, not to mention I don’t know how any of this equates to published material, but here are a few stats from Dreamdarkers.

Pages: 340
Words: 205,366
Characters (no spaces): 921,582
Characters (with spaces): 1,136,080
Paragraphs: 2,964
Lines: 15,682

The entire “event” has yet to be rewritten (i.e., anything beyond the dogs jumping in the lake is still untouched), many expansions and flashbacks exist as nothing more than injected items—if that, and a significant amount of cleanup, clarification, and changing is yet to be done.  And I expect there to be two more passes through the text after this one.

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