Since I can’t think clearly due to this cold, let me offer a word I learned in my first journalism class in high school.  It’s significant because it’s the longest word in the English language created by agglutinative construction.

antidisestablishmentarianism (an·ti·dis·es·tab·lish·men&m iddot;tar·i·an·ism): / an tahy dis uh stab lish muhn TAIR ee uh niz uhm /

(1) opposition to the withdrawal of recognition or state support for a religion or church, especially with regards to the Church of England (Anglican Church)

[Formed from ‘anti-‘ + ‘dis-‘ + ‘establish’ + ‘-ment’ + ‘-arian’ + ‘-ism.’]

Usage: Members of the antidisestablishmentarianism movement in the nineteenth century successfully obstructed proposals to remove the Anglican Church’s status as the official religion of England.

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