Shared body heat

Cats know to put aside their differences when it comes to keeping warm or being safe.  Despite their longstanding rivalry, Loki and Kako understand this concept.  In fact, if one of them calls out in pain, the other will leap into action to help.  This is true with all the cats no matter their relationships with each other.  It’s just how a family of felines responds when circumstances call for it.

Below you see Kako on the pillow with Grendel tucked neatly behind Loki.  As cool weather moves into Texas and temperatures inside the house drop, none of The Kids is so far above their station that they can’t appreciate the additional warmth generated by sharing a bed with someone else, even when the two sharing are mortal enemies like Kako and Loki.

Of course, Grendel has no enemies, so he sleeps with everyone (although Kako generally sees to it that she gets to him first).

Kako, Loki and Grendel curled up together on the love seat (138_3860)

[btw, that black blanket underneath them is an old throw that I let them use as they wish; it’s essentially their blanket, although they do let Daddy use it from time to time when he’s sitting with them]

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  1. I thought the same thing when I wrote it and decided to leave it that way. Actually, I thought of saying he sleeps around and Kako whores herself to him as often as possible, but she saw that and smacked me around a bit so I’d change it.

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