Of dogs and death

Mom informed me today that another of the family pets has died, and this after I was terribly remiss by not speaking up last June when yet another left us.  To remedy that, please accept this photo post showing both dogs in whatever glory has been captured in these pictures.  Here are introductory photos to get you started and to identify both of the now absent friends; the rest are below the fold.

First, here’s Booger who left the world only yesterday…

Booger lying on the floor peeking up at me (140_4067)

And here’s Cody whose absence has been felt since last summer…

Cody sitting on the floor next to the dining table (140_4073)

And both of them in the last photo I took of the two canines…

Booger and Cody sitting in the dining room (140_4072)

This is Cody with Sam, one of my mother’s cats who left us quite some time ago.

Sam rubbing against Cody (01 Cody and Sam 4)

This is Booger standing at my feet hoping I’ll throw the piece of hose again.  Oh, how she loved to play fetch, even to the point of exhaustion.

Booger standing at my feet with a piece of hose she hopes I'll throw so she can fetch it (03 Jason Booger)

And here’s Cody after intercepting that piece of hose, although, unlike Booger, he didn’t return it.  Instead, he wanted you to chase him for it.  We never could get that dog to fetch properly—or at all.

Cody standing with a piece of hose in his mouth waiting for someone to chase him (03 Cody)

This is Booger sitting on Dawg’s head.  Dawg was another pit bull who preceded Cody and died some years ago.  He too was a wonderful, warm, and —as you can see—gentle soul.

Booger sitting on Dawg's head (97 Dawg & Booger)

Here’s Booger wondering when all the picture taking will stop and all the petting and playing will begin.

Booger lying on the floor waiting for some affection or play (140_4069)

Here’s Cody playing with my brother Fred.  Even a flashlight can be a wonderful thing in a dog’s eyes…

Cody playing with Fred (Fred Cody Adam Becky)

This is Booger playing tug of war with my nephew Joe.

Booger playing tug of war with Joe (booger_and_joe)

So, death comes and goes, as do dogs, and the emptiness both leave in their wake is an echo of life, a chorus heard only after the singer is gone.  To Booger and Cody, and to all those who have come and gone, good journey, dear friends…  Good journey indeed.

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