Respect of slumber

“Respect of slumber is a most curious characteristic of cats.”

— S. B. Wister

All five of The Kids sleeping on the bed (167_6787)

[clockwise from top: Vazra, Kazon, Grendel, Kako, and Loki]

2 thoughts on “Respect of slumber”

  1. Wow – now that’s a lot of kitty warmth there! What happens when Daddy wants to move (assuming that’s you they’re snuggling up to)? Do they get all disgruntled? I had two cats that used to sleep like this around me – one in front, one in back, and I hated to move because they would get all mad and leave. For a little while that is. They always come back for more warmth!

  2. In that picture, the bedspread is actually tossed over some pillows. The result is the same, though, when I’m in there with them. They don’t get too upset when I move. Usually, they just shuffle around to accommodate my new position. Sometimes they find me moving to be ample reason to get up and grab a bite to eat or something to drink, but normally they just mill about for a moment or two until they find those perfect spots again.

    And I’m with you. There are times I’ll lie there until I’m sore because I don’t want to disturb them. What we suffer for our children . . .

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