Wild woman redux

Remember this photo of Kako as a kitten attacking the camera strap while I tried to take a photo?  Now it’s more than eight years later and she hasn’t changed one bit.

I sat on the bedroom floor the other day snapping photos of The Kids while we played and enjoyed lots of affection.  At some point, I knelt down to get a picture of her while she stood right beside me.  Ah, but did I think about the camera strap dangling like bait in front of her?  Nope.

But she thought about it.

Kako eyeballing the camera strap resting on my leg

Just look at the predatory intent oozing from those eyes.  And she’s trying to act all innocent like… as though she wasn’t thinking about doing precisely what I knew she was thinking about doing.

Then she struck with lightning speed and feline reflexes.  Before I knew what had happened, she put the bitey on the strap while holding it ferociously with her claws.

Kako attacking the camera strap

That was the end of the photography session.  She yanked the camera all over the place and made it impossible to get any more pictures.

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