Because it’s what I’ve been feeling due to a few hiccups with the site update.

discomfit (dis·com·fit): / dis KUHM fit /
transitive verb

(1) to confuse or make unsettled; to perplex; to disconcert
(2) to frustrate the plans of; to foil or thwart
(3) to defeat an enemy (archaic)


(1) a defeat; a rout (archaic)

[From Old French desconfit, past participle of desconfire meaning “to destroy (literally ‘to unmake’),” from confire meaning “to make,” from Latin conficere meaning “to produce, effect, or put together.”]

Usage: Not being able to comment on your own blog would undoubtedly discomfit anyone, and I can attest to that after having that problem for the last two days.

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