Falling in love

I’m continuing my journey through old photos, and I’ve discovered two more I think deserve some airtime.

Grendel and Kako have always been called The Lovers.  She thinks of Grendel as her man and he enjoys the attention from her.

This relationship started early.  In fact, its beginnings could be seen in Kako shortly after she and her brother Kazon were adopted.  I’ve always said that, as the only female in the house, she knew immediately that paring up with the alpha male would be her best bet.  And that’s just what she did.

Although Grendel was still recovering from hip surgery and attempting to grow back his fur, he commanded respect while remaining as lovable and affectionate as always.

So here are two photos from autumn 1998 when Kako and Kazon were newly adopted and Grendel tended to his post-surgery rejuvenation.  What you see is one little lady, Kako, falling deeply in love with one very tolerant cat, Grendel.

Oh, and that blur in the second photo is yet again my big paw dangling in front of the camera lens.  And you wonder why photography has never been my career…  Similarly, pardon the quality.  Both pictures were taken with a disposable camera almost ten years ago.

In the first one, you can practically smell the adoration dripping from Kako as she stares lovingly at her new man.

Kako as a kitten staring adoringly at Grendel as both lie on the floor (grendel_kako_01)

As for the second one, it’s almost as if I walked in on two teenagers being a little too familiar.  Just look at her face.  It’s as though she’s been caught by her parents doing something she knows she shouldn’t be doing.  Either that or she thinks I’m going to challenge her for Grendel’s company, and she’s ready to fight for what’s hers.

Grendel and and the kitten Kako lying together on the bed while Kako looks up at the camera as though she's been caught doing something bad (grendel_kako_02)

Let me finish by saying I’m still going through a large number of old photographs and will continue posting those I think are worth sharing.

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