I don’t need your help

I’m presently sitting at the desk working on the laptop.  Loki is lying beside me tending to a bit of personal grooming.  Once in a while he intercepts one of my hands for some attention, and then he goes back to bathing.

I posted this week’s internet quiz before returning to my graphics editor.  I was looking for some nature photos to post.

Without any warning at all, more than a dozen images popped open.  For each one I closed, two or three more would pop open.

I’m quite certain my eyes were as big as saucers as I sat muttering something like “What the hell?” or any number of other colorful phrases.  It seemed the harder I tried to close the rapidly opening windows, the more windows I had to close.

That’s when I noticed Loki was leaning back cleaning his side.  In order to push himself into position, his front paw had been propped on the laptop’s keyboard.  Across several keys.  And he was pressing them down.


The moment I moved his foot (which, by the way, totally interrupted his grooming), the deluge came to an abrupt end.

I kindly explained to him that I didn’t need his help and that I would greatly appreciate him not getting involved in computer work unless he knew what he was doing.

So he got up and walked right across the keyboard.  By the time he moved, I had a whole new set of applications open while everything I was originally using had been closed.

With his work complete, he strolled off the keyboard, hopped off the desk, and sauntered into the kitchen for a bite to eat.

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