Ducks and geese on the water at sunset (179_7932)

The Kids and I are riding into the sunset for the immediate future.  That is to say we’re taking a brief hiatus from blogging.

“NOOOOO!!!!” you scream in response.

Calm down, drama queens.  It won’t last that long.

For your information, we’re only talking days, not weeks.

“How many days?” you demand vehemently.

A few.  Perhaps several.  But less than eleven.

And you weep, “Why?”

Because we’ve been going for more than four years and feel we deserve—let alone need—a break.  It’s only a brief respite, a mere sip from the well of rest from which we’ve for too long abstained.

During this time off, there will be no Random Thoughts and no Vocabularium entries.  As a matter of fact, there will be absolutely nothing.  No new content.  No photos.  No videos.  Nada.

As in nada damn thing.

See, I made a funny.

The point is we need a vacation from the blog.  We’ve grown tired, stressed from the continual grind, weary as it were.

But this isn’t forever.  It’s for some number of days not to number more than ten.  That’s barely more than a week if it even lasts that long.

I promise we’ll be back.

During this time we’ll be snapping photos, capturing videos, recharging our batteries, and enjoying a retreat from the digital mayhem that is online journaling.

So we’ll see you in no more than ten days.

Ducks and geese on the water at sunset (179_7942)

[photos include mallard ducks (Anas platyrhynchos), American coots (Fulica americana), brown and white Chinese geese (a.k.a. swan geese, Anser cygnoides), wood ducks (Aix sponsa), unknown duck species, and perhaps a few creatures I couldn’t recognize in these particular images]

7 thoughts on “Hiatus”

  1. Did you mean auf Wiedersehen?

    And I’m coming back tomorrow. The decision is already made, the mojo is already in the cards, and all that other stuff.

    But by golly it sure felt good to not worry about it for a bit. I missed it, mind you, but having it off my plate was awfully relaxing.

  2. I’m with you, mArniAc. I keep coming back to see if there are any updates, but all I find is some slacker who won’t post to his blog.

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