Boxer moment

Today is someone’s birthday.

Someone who owes me a boxer moment.

Despite his inability to provide for a friend, I’d like to wish Trey a very happy birthday.

I miss you.  I wish you the best.

And I still want my damn boxer moment.

Will being on my knees help?

Get your mind out of the gutter (well, kinda).  I meant begging and pleading (well, sorta).

30 thoughts on “Boxer moment”

  1. For SebastianEe: To paraphrase Alice Roosevelt Longworth, ‘If you haven’t got anything urbane to say, come sit next to me!’

    As for a “boxer moment”: It’s a matter of wardrobe. Well, that and a longstanding joke between Trey, xocobra, and me . . . one that goes back several years. It’s what he’s supposed to wear for me. And all he’s supposed to wear for me.

  2. not so much. Just can’t bear to think about my hands on my waist standing there like the 60s version of superman with a grin on my grill.

  3. Hmmm, you’ve obviously thought this through since you know the correct stance, or is this something you have done before…I think I need to have a talk with LD about this superman fetish of yours.

  4. Well judging by the smell in the elevator we just shared, id say youre an animal alright….Skunk comes to mind. 🙄

  5. Mr Striped shirt….now youre jealous of my boyish good looks?!?

    And as for the chaps…that is a good point, guess that means you need to wipe better.

  6. i look younger than you do and damn sure act younger. no jealousy there. as far as wiping, if you push hard enough it doesn’t stick

  7. You did for a second. But I get it now. You’ve blown your “O” ring, that explains the smell and why you dont realize anything back there is happening.

  8. Ok, I’m popping some popcorn and sitting back to see what else happens.

    Now, more than ever, I love this blog.

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