Compassion from the shadows

I really like the way this photo turned out.  Larenti, as is usual, was visiting me on the patio.  I happened to capture this shot that drew tremendous strength from the dichotomy found where light and shadow played together, touched each other in the most obvious yet invisible ways.

Larenti in sunlight getting some affection from the shadows (196_9643)

And to show she was truly enjoying herself, here’s one where she was making fisties.

Larenti lying on the patio floor getting some affection from me (196_9648)

She still does not entirely trust me, although she’s rapidly grown to place a great deal of faith in assuming I won’t hurt her and only want to be friends.

I’m quite convinced she was abused by her previous owner.  It’s in the way she reacts to hands, especially if they move too quickly near her face, but sometimes just if they move too quickly or surprise her.  There’s fear in her eyes and her reaction.  It’s palpable, real, a cloak of terrible memories that suddenly falls over her.

And it makes me mad.

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