Takin’ it easy

This is another photo of Larenti, one of the neighborhood cats I’ve befriended.  I’ve mentioned before how much time she spends hanging out on my patio.  Well, she was doing just that when I knelt down on the floor and tried to capture a few close-ups of her.

Something about this one grabs my eye and attention.  Is it her lovely repose?  Her absolute comfort?  Her lack of fear with me scrambling about on all fours in such close proximity?  Or is it something with the photo itself, like the angle or lighting?  Perhaps it’s a combination of many things, some I’ve not even considered.

Larenti lounging on the patio (196_9639)

2 thoughts on “Takin’ it easy”

  1. She is beautiful.

    I think part of what makes this such a great photo is you captured the rule of thirds in multiple ways. Top to bottom, she takes up 2/3. From side to side, her chest takes up 1/3. It’s just a good shot.

    And may I say, you denigrate your photos too often. The most perfect technical shot often lacks the warmth of subject matter that you routinely display. I likes your stuff!

  2. Yes, I’ve always thought she was a rather stunning cat. I’m sure she’d be even more beautiful if she wasn’t outside all the time. And don’t think I’m not tempted.

    Rule of thirds? I don’t believe I ever heard of that, but you’re absolutely right: something about the proportions in the photo makes it all the better. Now, if I’d actually been trying to accomplish this. . .

    Well, I am one of those self-deprecating people who, as the saying goes, is my own worst critic (as we all should be). But when it comes to photos, I’m crippled twofold: an archaic camera with limited functionality, and little ability or experience to know how to use one—old or new—including what might look good. I tend to just point and shoot and hope for the best.

    I’ll be honest and say I critique these images from the perspective of what I hoped for rather than what I surprisingly accomplished. There are orders of magnitude more images that I don’t share because they simply didn’t turn out to be presentable, and a great deal of the time I’m quite upset and disappointed about that.

    I’ll finish by saying this: Thank you very much! I love taking pictures because I love to capture what I see. Sharing them is a challenge only because I often think they could/should be better. It does warm my heart to know my feeble photographic fumbling has resulted in something that’s presentable and appreciated.

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