A moment of Larenti zen

Larenti has become a permanent fixture on the patio.  Rare is the time when she’s not out there.  A great deal of her initial fear of people has disappeared when she’s around me, although she does on rare occasions still react with something akin to panic when I move my hands unexpectedly.  It startles her in a way that makes clear she was abused by someone before she was thrown out to fend for herself.

A close-up of Larenti's face in natural light (200_0025)

I do intend to adopt her.  It will take more time, and there is always the fear she carries some communicable and untreatable ailment that will pose a risk to the rest of The Kids.  Should that wind up being the case, I will have to alter my plans to bring her inside—but I won’t alter my plans to adopt her.  However, such an outcome would create a plethora of issues when I finally move away from Dallas.  But one step at a time. . .

2 thoughts on “A moment of Larenti zen”

  1. Thank you for the beautiful photos of Larenti. My husband and I adopted a feral Maine Coon years ago. He was with us for 13 years.

    But, the reason I found your blog was by looking for images of other cats who lay on their backs on Google. My husband thought that our new cat was the only one.

  2. Thank you so much for visiting, Rina, and I’m thrilled to hear you liked the photos of Larenti. For adopting a cat living in the wild, you already have my respect and admiration!

    My thirty-something years of experience with cats tells me the whole lying-on-their-backs thing is as much an individual trait as is the distinctiveness of their voices and personalities. Vazra and Kako both like to sleep on their backs, and Henry did during his more than two decades of living.

    Be sure to tell your husband it’s not that unusual, although I’d say it is a minority of cats who do it–at least publicly! Some probably do it privately but think it’s too revealing around non-felines.

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