‘What does it mean, this sudden and unexpected change?’

I say ’tweren’t but a short time ago when first I spoke of Kako‘s sudden transformation with one white whisker, yet today mine eyes set upon more than a few of these new developments, some on one side and some on the other.

Again I ask: “What does it mean, this sudden and unexpected change?”

Has the aged affliction of so many species visited upon her some premature transformation?

I daren’t speak that which my heart and mind believe, that too early dost age and childhood affliction visit upon her this manifestation.

Yet betwixt rescue and now I see this marvelously troubling revolution, yet only nine years hence did I fall in love with Daddy’s Girl, a magnificent demonstration of beguilement wherein I lost myself.

Why now do you change so?  Why now do you present to me this fascinating duplicity of the one who purrs for no other, and this rapid substitution of what has been with what now is?

2 thoughts on “‘What does it mean, this sudden and unexpected change?’”

  1. I remember reading your earlier comment and wondering how concerned you really were about this. In the unlikely event that this is freaking you out a bit, my own beloved Phoebe, a tuxedo kitty, had a few grey whiskers at nine, although no grey hair until she was 14.

  2. Thanks for visiting, Ronin!

    I’m probably being melodramatic, but I remember Henry living more than 21 years without ever showing a sign of his age. Sure, he began losing weight in those last few months, something not unexpected, yet he never had any grey hair—ever.

    I’m sure Kako’s continuing transformation is quite normal. Still, I think it warrants attention and monitoring given her very rough childhood, not to mention her medical history. Hopefully it’s nothing more than a dash of color to make her even more beautiful (as if that was possible!).

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