Daddy’s evil little helper

We all have our habits, little ruts into which we fall that become comfortable things we wear.  Never have I found this to be more important than with cats.  Felines, you see, are creatures of habit, masters of stability who rely on predictable patterns.  Through these routines they enjoy less stress.  Stress is a cat’s worst enemy, so I support our home’s habits insofar as I’m able.

One such habit stems from my morning customs, from brushing my teeth to shaving (on those days when I do so).  But it all starts with The Kids.

The moment I’m awake, and too often long before then, the patterns take shape.  We lie in bed and play and pet and rub and talk.  We get out of bed and play and pet and rub and talk.  Then we play and pet and rub and talk even more while I’m trying to start the day.

Once it’s time to go in the bathroom, however, I can rely on all manner of assistance.

Loki on the bathroom counter

Loki happens to enjoy his bathroom counter time with Daddy.  Others have similar desires, yes, but he’s the one I’m talking about today.

Understand there’s very little room during these moments for what Daddy wants or needs.  No, it all has to do with Loki.

Keep in mind he sometimes resists being awake even though he’s demanding that his will trump my own.

Loki on the bathroom counter

If necessary, he gleefully tosses my razor to the floor, intercepts my arm while I’m trying to brush my teeth, or stands between me and the sink so he’s not ignored.  As if!

And when I acquiesce and give him all the attention he wants in that moment, eventually he steps aside and makes himself comfortable.  He’s never far enough from the action that he can’t intrude and molest.

Loki on the bathroom counter

Amazingly, I love these habits, these ruts we share.  I know they need such episodes to feel stable and sound.  Nothing in me would deny them such comforts knowing they are happier and healthier cats because of them.

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