Problematic pictures

Much to my surprise—and certainly contrary to what was said—most of the photographs on this site have gone MIA.  To wit: “[W]e plan to have both Web and Static photos online for your viewing pleasure.”

Not so much.

While Zooomr moves to a new data center and prepares to implement another major upgrade, many of my images have been rendered inaccessible.

To say I’m a bit peeved is to understate matters tremendously.  This certainly is not what was promised.

However, the other side of that coin is that Zooomr is still in beta, it’s a free service for me even with a Pro account, and most importantly, I’m usually one to cheer for the underdog.  Trying to compete with Flickr (and therefore Yahoo) represents a very large challenge, one I hope to see come to fruition with success once all the wrinkles are ironed out.

If the migration schedule means anything, these troubles should only last another three days or so, give or take timezones and unforeseen hiccups.  If the migration schedule means anything, that is.

Meanwhile, I’ve made sure my Flickr account is still active and have verified its Pro status.  If my hand is forced, I’ll begin transferring older images there even as I begin using it as my hosting provider.

I hope that’s unnecessary.  Time will tell.

For now, like me, please be patient as Zooomr completes this upgrade and migration.  If all goes well, things will return to normal in the next few days.  If not. . .

[Update] As luck would have it. . .  The digital ink hadn’t even dried on this post before all the photos reappeared and started working again.  Now let’s see how the rest of this process goes.

[Update 2] And as of now, all the photos are unavailable.  I can only tolerate this for a brief amount of time. . .

[Update 3] Now only recent photos are missing.  I should just sit quietly and wait while the migration and upgrade take place.  Watching images disappear and reappear will drive me nuts.  I mean more nuts.

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