Larenti has some of the weirdest sleeping habits I’ve seen in a cat.  Sure, he sleeps on his back from time to time, but so do Kako and Vazra.  Lots of cats do that, which makes it anything but unusual.

I’m talking about positions that don’t even look comfortable, let alone restful, positions that seem accidental rather than intentional.  You might remember seeing one such pose last November while he was still living outside.

I thought at the time that he looked as though he was taking a bath and fell asleep before he finished.  Now I know that really happens.  Like this:

Larenti sleeping in the same position he was in while taking a bath (IMG_0018)

And this:

Larenti sleeping in the same position he was in while taking a bath (20080126_01650)

I’ve seen him do that regularly all about the house.  It starts innocently enough with normal feline hygienics, but somewhere in the middle of the process he grows tired and simply goes to sleep.  Without lying down or changing position.

I can’t claim this Buddha Belly demonstration resulted from the same mid-bath unconsciousness, yet I do know he wound up propped against the bed rolled forward such that he had to hold himself up with his front paws—while he slept!

Larenti sleeping while propped up against the bed with his front feet holding him up (IMG_0036)

All I know is that this cat is a true weirdo.  He certainly came to live in the right house…

2 thoughts on “Weirdo”

  1. One of my 2 boys does this as well. Although he is the larger of the two, he is a bit intimidated by the other and I’ve often wondered if he isn’t guaranteeing himself a quick getaway should the other decide his nap time was a great one for a surprise attack.

  2. LOL! That’s too funny, Randy.

    Having spent a great deal of time outside dealing with predators and territorial felines, I wonder if Larenti’s habit is based on the same consideration. Then again, maybe he’s just a loon like the rest of us.

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