Introducing ‘Egodada’

While perusing tens of thousands of photographs for xenogere unseen, including those taken by me and those taken by others, I find myself caught in the midst of discovery.

Of self.

Many images (a minority in the scheme of things, yes, but many nonetheless) are of me.

While I still intend to exclude (for now) those photos showing enough of my face to be identifying, I have grown to appreciate the artistic value of at least some of these pictures.

So I’m starting a new series on my photoblog entitled “Egodada,” a nod both to self and to the anarchist movement in literature and art that became known as dadaism.

You can expect some irreverence, some creativity, some aggrandizement of the me represented, and some pretentiousness.

Isn’t that the point of art?

Anyway, I’m still filtering through the various photos available, but you should anticipate the first installment of Egodada quite soon.  Afterward, I’ll try to offer bits here and there when appropriate.

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