It’s like Christmas in April

I went for a walk this morning, the first I’ve enjoyed since March 14.

So enamored of the beautiful weather and my ability to be out and about sans other obligations, I lost myself for many hours.

Yet my decision to return begged I not tarry any longer than necessary, and so my feet moved ever more quickly as I drew closer to home.


I’m always excited to sit down and process the photographs I’ve taken during a walk.  Today is no different.

But today is different in a way.

I can barely wait to open each picture like a present from under the Christmas tree, for today I hopefully captured several very magnificent things: some I’ve never seen before, some I’ve never photographed before, and some I’ve never captured digitally in a presentable form.

In addition, I came home with many images born of spring’s verdant, natal arrival here at White Rock Lake.  I hope I captured some of the season’s lush landscape and magical menagerie of new life and growth.

So now I shall delve into the collection of photos to see what gifts await…

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