Blogdimension continues stealing

Blogdimension admits they received my cease and desist missive last month.  To wit:

Your post is very unfair. Here is the response we sent you by email on March 31st so your readers make themselves an opinion. We post the same post & comment on our own blog so everybody will see how you exagerate. I call your attitude simple and free “bashing”. If you have some little honor you should delete your post.
Other thing: we delete immediately your blog from our index. And secondly, we make no money by providing this search service. We have some ads but it does not cover even 5% of our cost.

Mail sent on March, 31st to jason ( at ) xenogere (dot) com.

As I responded in the same comment thread, no such e-mail was received.  I can’t claim it wasn’t sent, but I can claim with the fortitude of law and certainty that it didn’t arrive in my inbox.

Otherwise, they only replied because my original bashing now shows up as content on their site, along with being in other search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.  I hope that leaves a mark…

Then they offer a disgusting lie: “we delete immediately your blog from our index.”  NOT!

My blog is not only still included, but all of my content is still cached and served up as Blogdimensions’s own content.  In violation of the “nocache” meta directives, in violation of the “nofollow” directives on my feeds, and in violation of my own copyright notice displayed on their site that states clearly that the content being displayed on any other site represents a copyright violation.

That means a blatant act of theft.

Then they send their lackey to do more bashing.  “Mike” shows up and remarks on Blogdimension’s comment—before it was published!

Talk about being clueless.

And I can still go to their site and find my content cached, displayed with my copyright notice, and served up with ads to make money from my intellectual property.

So begins the war between me and some French company that thought they could pass under the radar with stupid excuses about software bugs.

Sorry.  That doesn’t fly with me and doesn’t fly with the law.

Blogdimension is still a thief.  Mike is now known as one of their insiders trolling the web to shoot down legitimate claims to copyrights, and the whole thing is a farce of epic proportions designed to steal from others.

Let us be clear about something: Blogdimension is not indexing my site; they’re indexing my RSS feed.

Hardly a search engine.

RSS is for syndication (hence the name RSS: Realy Simple Syndication).

It’s either used for reading a blog one has subscribed to or aggregating content for redisplay.

Blogdimension is doing the latter.

6 thoughts on “Blogdimension continues stealing”

  1. A couple of years ago we had a similar problem with Garden Voices (a spinoff of the Gardenweb Forum, itself a subsidiary of ivoices) pulling our content off the RSS feed and aggregating it without asking us. They had just gotten some spunky new software that does it for them, and had gone hog wild!

    It came to our notice mainly because they were hotlinking to images, thus charging us for the privilege of making money. In truth, GV was probably simply naive (though their links to our blog were deliberately minimized and hidden among the links to *their* aggregator). But they too were as outraged by our blogged complaint posts as the orchestrated comments you’ve received in the earlier post addressing Blogdimension’s similar theft.

    The parallels even extend to how they were just trying to do us a favor, and now we aren’t going to get all those scrumptuous hits we would have gotten if we hadn’t been such turds. And GV didn’t take down the posts either, but at least they stopped aggregating and instituted a policy of asking permission.

    But they didn’t take notice or do anything until we instituted the nuclear option – modifying the .htaccess file so that images could not be hotlinked and instead a nastygif would be substituted. *Then* they took it seriously.

    Hard to believe that aggregator thieves can see themselves as being so unfairly maligned.

  2. Small correction – Garden Voices is marketed by iVillage, not ivoices.

    I took a look at Garden Voices for the first time in more than a year. Sad. No changes – they still hotlink photos, they still refer "link to this" to their own reblogging site. I don’t know why their extraordinarily long list of participants put up with it. Most use public photo cache sites so they don’t worry about hotlinking, and most are on blogger or other public blogging sites, don’t have log access, and so probably don’t realize how little traffic goes their way, from GV.

    And look at that list of right sidebar participants. Notice how many are listed three or four or more times. Someone doesn’t know what they’re doing, or maybe they do!

    No, rebloggers who don’t get permission first are really the scum of the blogging earth.

  3. Thank you both, Wayne and Randy, for your words of encouragement.

    Yes, it took the nuclear attack via public bashing—something that showed up on their own site—in order to get the content removed many weeks after my original complaint.

    Not removed until today as far as I can tell, mind you, but removed nonetheless.

    How unfortunate to have such action forced upon us…

  4. Thanks for that, cybele. While I felt certain I had not erred in my evaluation of what they were doing, I’m glad to see someone else took the time to examine their approach and likewise found it more than just questionable.

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