who’s most afraid of death?

who’s most afraid of death?  thou
           &nbs p;           &n bsp;                       art of him
utterly afraid, i love of thee
(beloved) this

A great egret (Ardea alba) walking through the marshes of the Sunset Bay confluence at White Rock Lake (20080518_05676)

           &nbs p;       and truly i would be
near when his scythe takes crisply the whim
of thy smoothness.  and mark the fainting
murdered petals.  with the caving stem.

Looking up the trunk of a massive eastern cottonwood (Populus deltoides) near the shore of White Rock Lake (20080518_05474)

But of all most would i be one of them

round the hurt heart which do so frailly cling… .
i who am but imperfect in my fear

Or with thy mind against my mind, to hear
nearing our hearts’ irrevocable play—
through the mysterious high futile day

A lone sailboat moving wistfully across White Rock Lake (20080518_05565)

an enormous stride
           &nbs p;           &n bsp;  (and drawing thy mouth toward

my mouth, steer our lost bodies carefully downward)

An empty bench sitting under a tree on the shore of White Rock Lake (20080518_05489)

[poem is “who’s most afraid of death? thou art of him” by e.e. cummings]

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