The progress of things

al-Zill‘s integration continues going well.

He’s a juvenile, that much is certain, for he displays a maniacal exuberance that often pushes the other cats to avoid him—or smack him around a bit until he calms down.

Nevertheless, the points of contention are expected and the issues are few.

I find myself worrying each time his neurological problems bubble to the surface, whether it’s a stretch gone awry or a run that tumbles him to the ground or some other manifestation of the permanence of his injuries.  Despite my anxiety, however, he recovers quickly and dashes on his way no matter what happens.  He’s young and full of energy.  How could I expect anything less?

Already he slips into the habit of joining us in bed at night, finding the spot he likes best, nestling in comfortably and easing into a restful sleep.

Then again, he also chases the bed mice (i.e., my feet and legs, any feline tail that moves, a ripple in the sheet from the overhead fan, or anything else that looks interesting).  I repeat: He’s young.  This comes with the territory.

The situation overall gives me comfort that I did the right thing in adopting him.

2 thoughts on “The progress of things”

  1. I suspect he’s two years old at most, give or take. A juvenile indeed, and one full of energy and trouble!

    I’m also thrilled he’s integrating so well. That’s what I expected, but expectations and reality don’t always see eye to eye.

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