Where the world begins

There is a place where the sunrise shines despite storm clouds.

The sun rising behind a growing storm with Interstate 20 running headlong beneath it toward East Texas (20080809_10444)

There is a place where Spanish moss drips from the trees.

Spanish moss (Tillandsia usneoides) growing from a tree limb over the bayou (20080809_10497)

There is a place where barbed wire restrains nothing more dangerous than bales of hay.

Barbed wire running in front of a pasture containing nothing but hay bales (20080809_10530)

There is a place where water lilies contain the hope of every morning.

A water lily bloom and pads (Nymphaea sp.) floating in weak morning light (20080809_10483)

There is a place where hummingbirds throughout the day join an endless procession of their brethren in a waltz that blankets the sky.

A hummingbird (unidentified) perched atop a wire (20080809_10683)

There is a place where arachnids lie in wait to ambush innumerable interlopers.

A green lynx spider (Peucetia viridans) waiting on a leaf to ambush prey (20080809_10704)

There is a place where deer prance through the pastures as though they haven’t a care in the world.

A female white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) trotting through the trees of a pasture at the family farm (20080809_10803)

There is a place where passion flowers bloom wild and offer their fruit to all who are interested in partaking of the bounty.

A purple passion flower (a.k.a. Maypop; Passiflora incarnata) in full bloom at the family farm (20080809_10613)

There is a place where alligators, beavers and otters bring life to tranquil waters.

There is a place where great horned owls, bald eagles and great blue herons join vultures in ruling the sky both day and night.

There is a place where gargantuan moths, beetles and spiders reign amongst endless foliage that stretches verdantly in all directions.

There is a place where the highway ends and the world begins.

There is a place where I want to live that becomes wonder regardless of how the word is defined.

This will be my home.

[all photos taken yesterday during my trip to the family farm in the Piney Woods of East Texas]

2 thoughts on “Where the world begins”

  1. Thank you for the compliment, Mary! I’m glad you liked the photos.

    I do think there’s a place for all of us, a place where we dream of being, where we know we can be the whole that we long to be. My sincere hope is to eventually live in the place I long for. Time will tell…

    As for that hummingbird, I agree. I just wish I could identify it. Well, perhaps eventually…

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