Autumnal sunset

We prepared for our drive to Marshall in search of sustenance, a dinner away from the kitchen and critters of the farm.

I stopped in the main drive and found myself in awe of the scene unfolding to the west above the treeline surrounding one of the lower pastures and the creek that runs through it.

The setting sun sliding behind thing clouds (20081011_13814)

Atop a hill with lush woodlands stretching in all directions, one need not walk to the high pasture to see a beautiful sunset in all its glory.

The days grow short this time of year, the nights long, and the sunset journeys toward the south where it will overwinter before migrating north again next year.

I couldn’t have asked for a better farewell, from the farm and from summer, than the one provided by this view.

4 thoughts on “Autumnal sunset”

  1. Jason, I understand why you stopped in your tracks. It’s stunning. There’s something about an autumn sunset that’s makes me feel invigorated yet melancholy.

  2. Great shot!!!!! That is greeting card material. You need to start a card business on recycled card stock. Call it "Off Center Cards for All Occasions." Yea it sounds goofy but you have some great pictures and it might just be an extra spoke to help you get out of the rat race

  3. Thank you both! That’s probably not the best shot I have of this particular sunset (I’ll post more at a later date), but it’s the one that grabbed my attention while I was processing photos yesterday.

    I know what you mean, Mary. I think autumn sunsets carry the promise of change: from verdant to barren, from warm to cold, from lazy summer days with plenty of sunlight to cool winter nights that seem to last forever. It feels like loss in a way, yet it feels like growth toward something different…

    Interesting idea, xocobra. I hadn’t thought of that. I’ve been so focused on the first novel and a possible self-published item about White Rock Lake that I hadn’t considered other avenues. I think I’ll look into that–as well as opening up the door for other ideas.

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