For Wayne

My friend Wayne is storming the photographic world.  But because he’s delving into an arena with plenty of stiff competition, he asked me for pointers.

Which made me laugh.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  I like taking pictures.  But I’m not a professional photographer.  Published, yes, but professional?  Hardly.

Nevertheless, I’ve suffered through the learning curve that can be steep and trying.  So why not share some pointers?

Hence, I’m starting a new ongoing series about photography—and it’s dedicated to Wayne.

2 thoughts on “For Wayne”

  1. My friend, when it comes to nature-photography, your photos are among the best I’ve seen. It’s easy to understand why you would be my biggest inspiration in that area. Competition? I think not. 10 photographers with 10 different cameras will take 10 very different pictures if asked to go shoot the same thing. We’ve all got a different “Eye”. We all see things differently. But you can tell the ones that take pictures stemming from passion from the ones that take pictures to make a dollar. It’s quite obvious it’s a true passion to you.
    I’m humbled and will take all the pointers you’ll share! =)

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