put on your faces – virginia opossum

Close-up of a Virginia opossum (a.k.a. possum; Didelphis virginiana) in a tree (20081128_15297)

Virginia opossum (a.k.a. possum; Didelphis virginiana)

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    1. Thanks, Mom! I had to wait an hour to get the photo. I knew the opossum was in the tree, but the opossum knew I was on the ground and it stayed hidden near the top for quite some time. I almost gave up…

    1. Interesting that living opossums aren’t as ubiquitous in your area as they are here, Mature4evr. I’m in the middle of a city and see them all the time. Is it predators, hunting, just not a good environment for them, or something else entirely?

      1. You forgot vehicular homicide — the culprit to which I’m alluding. It’s been roughly three years since I’ve seen an opossum that wasn’t reduced to roadkill. 🙁

    1. Thanks, Swampy! And it’s great to see you online again (and I hope it stays that way).

      Now you have my interest revved up. You found an opossum in your oven drawer?

  1. Hooray for opossums! Wonderful photo! Look at those whiskers, and the opposable thumb! My mate and I rehabbed orphans for years, unique creatures!

    1. That’s very cool, Jain, about doing rehab for opossums. I know most people think they’re unattractive, but I happen to find them adorable. And they’re our only marsupial, making them unique in my book.

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