Announcing ‘House of Herps’

Amber of Birder’s Lounge contacted me once and asked why with all the nature blog carnivals there seemed to be nothing for amphibians and reptiles, collectively called “herps.”  In truth, I didn’t have a good answer for her.  And thus began a conspiracy which now becomes reality: a new nature blog carnival called “House of Herps.”

Our vertebrate cold-blooded cousins deserve as much time in the limelight as our feathered, invertebrate, ligneous, floral, oceanic and other natural wonders.  This is their chance.

Rather than bore you by repeating myself, let me announce this by directing you to my introductory post at the carnival’s site: Introducing ‘House of Herps’.

Go.  Read.  Participate. 

6 thoughts on “Announcing ‘House of Herps’”

  1. This is cool!

    Of course, I have to admit on my first read, I came away with ‘House of Herpes’ which although intriguing, isn’t nearly as interesting!

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