Repeat performance

It seems all too familiar.

Snow at White Rock Lake (2010_02_12_049711)

Though I could claim these photos are from The Big Snow™ of February 11-12, 2010, they are not.  They are, in point of fact, from this morning.

Snow at White Rock Lake (2010_02_12_049750)

Snow began falling last night and continued—rather, is continuing this morning, albeit radar claims the end is near.

Snow at White Rock Lake (2010_02_12_049782)

We received only a fraction of the record snow that fell last month—perhaps 4-5 inches/10-13 centimeters this time, though strong winds have drifted and manipulated it throughout the night such that it remains difficult to appreciate where official depth ends and drift begins.

Snow at White Rock Lake (2010_02_12_049755)

Nevertheless, thus is the first full day of spring here at White Rock Lake in Dallas, Texas.  The February storm set back spring by weeks.  This late March storm brings us full circle.

It will take some time for the wildflowers to bloom again.

15 thoughts on “Repeat performance”

  1. “….a light dusting of snow is predicted for the overnight hours…”

    “…outlying areas may see as much as an inch….”

    Maybe it will take a bite out of our mosquito population.

    1. Exactly, Joy! Those were the last words on the matter before I went to bed. Obviously nature had other plans.

      And I do hope we don’t have a mosquito year like we had last year. Total misery.

  2. Oh my word!

    It’s actually snowing here today too, first time in weeks (and this after a 16C day on Friday). It doesn’t seem to be sticking though, it’s more blustery flurries more than anything.
    Yours is pretty!

    1. Thanks, TGIQ! It was stunning. And as usually happens, most of it melted away by yesterday afternoon. Today, with lots of sunshine and temperatures soaring back to near 70°F/21°C, what little of the winter wonderland that still exists will soon be gone.

      Let’s hope this is the end of that nonsense. This winter has been in a bad mood for months: won’t let go, throws brutal tantrums, and is just outright mean.

  3. Brilliant – your choice of black and white. Odd for the snowfall, isn’t it?

    It’s been a very long winter, indeed, Jason. Spring is teasing us in Charlotte.

    1. Our latest snow has been in early April, Mary, though just a dusting. And that’s rare–highly unusual. We came within half an inch of breaking our all-time snowfall record this year, so this has definitely been a winter to remember–or forget depending on how you look at it.

      As Amber pointed out, these are actual full color images. It’s just that the world was rendered in gray scale. Having had so much spring growth recently, seeing the color sucked out of everything was quite breathtaking.

    1. It was definitely beautiful, Laura. Unexpected and late–and sandwiched between warm days that warrant shorts and t-shirts–but certainly a brief yet stunning display.

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