Unfulfilled promises

It feels like a house with one of its children gone.  Perhaps even emptier than that.

Loki sitting on the floor staring at me (162_6284)

It feels like a song with no music or lyrics.  Perhaps even quieter than that.

A close-up of Loki as he looks outside (163_6319)

It feels like a bed with no one to warm it.  Perhaps even colder than that.

Loki half asleep on the bed (2009_03_01_011809)

It feels like a list of unfulfilled promises that can never be redeemed.  Perhaps even more disappointing than that.

A close-up profile of Loki as he sleeps (20081005_13451_new)

At least now he can sleep peacefully without suffering.  That’s the only substantive good I can find in this hollow.

Loki, February 1997 – May 2014

One thought on “Unfulfilled promises”

  1. You have my heartfelt sympathy, Jason. I don’t have any children to
    “lose,” but I have (and have had) lots of animal companions, and I
    know how bad it hurts. I’m literally tearing up as I write this,
    and I didn’t even know Loki. If you feel as bad as it seems, Loki
    must have been a great companion.

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