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A petite lass

Much to my chagrin, I’ve been rather remiss in addressing the lack of photos I have online for dearest Henko.  I’ve seen here out and about quite a bit yet have not had my camera with me when I was outside and she was around.  Today offered me the chance to address that shortcoming in at least a small degree.

A close-up of Henko sitting outside (162_6273)

I noticed her loitering outside the patio fence and so thought she might be hungry.  With a bit of food in hand, I stepped out there and made an offering to this petite feline visitor.  She watched me with thankful yet dubious eyes as I put a small amount of kibble on her side of the fence.  Before I backed away to give her room, I snapped a few photos—something she was all too gracious enough to allow.

A full-body shot of Henko sitting outside (162_6272)

One disturbing thing I noticed is that, just as I saw when I first discovered her last October, she has discharge coming from both eyes.  This generally is not a good sign for a cat, especially when it lasts as long as it has with her.  You can see a close-up of what I mean in this photo.

Still, she otherwise appears healthy, her appetite is certainly intact, and she comes and goes at will sans any indication of progressing ailments.  It’s possible that she is sensitive to the cool temperatures or suffers from an upper respiratory infection that is not of the fatal or highly communicative type (which generally is indicated by this kind of ocular drainage).  Her attitude and demeanor reveal a relatively healthy cat—a diagnosis I am making based on limited observation and a great deal of knowledge about felines.  Nevertheless, I would love to capture her and have her treated by a vet if such a thing were possible.

Look at my latest discovery

This morning, I discovered yet another new kitty in the neighborhood.  This one is also a Kako duplicate.  It’s a black tabby with mostly white hair tipped with black.  When I first saw this one outside eating, I thought it was the other one I’d already discovered (Clance).  I immediately discarded that assumption when I saw this one was smaller.  In fact, it’s about the size of Kako, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a tiny bit larger than she is.  This is the only photo I was able to take because this feline isn’t very comfortable with people.  I’ll keep trying.

Henko sitting near the patio watching me (155_5599)

One thing I find interesting is the sudden plethora of black tabbies.  To be quite sincere, I’d never seen one until I adopted Kako, and I’d even go so far as to say I didn’t know they existed before then, yet I’ve now seen two in addition to my little princess (NOT!).

Also note this cat does not have a tipped ear.  That’s important in both differentiating it from the other Kako dopplegänger as well as narrowing down its disposition (it can now only be a discarded pet or a recently arrived stray who has not been fixed yet).

[Update] Subsequently named Henko.