Look at my latest discovery

This morning, I discovered yet another new kitty in the neighborhood.  This one is also a Kako duplicate.  It’s a black tabby with mostly white hair tipped with black.  When I first saw this one outside eating, I thought it was the other one I’d already discovered (Clance).  I immediately discarded that assumption when I saw this one was smaller.  In fact, it’s about the size of Kako, although I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a tiny bit larger than she is.  This is the only photo I was able to take because this feline isn’t very comfortable with people.  I’ll keep trying.

Henko sitting near the patio watching me (155_5599)

One thing I find interesting is the sudden plethora of black tabbies.  To be quite sincere, I’d never seen one until I adopted Kako, and I’d even go so far as to say I didn’t know they existed before then, yet I’ve now seen two in addition to my little princess (NOT!).

Also note this cat does not have a tipped ear.  That’s important in both differentiating it from the other Kako dopplegänger as well as narrowing down its disposition (it can now only be a discarded pet or a recently arrived stray who has not been fixed yet).

[Update] Subsequently named Henko.

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