Same Google song, different Google day

Did you really expect there to be a positive update about this Google fiasco?  I didn't.

As of this morning Googlebot 239 is still on the site and still hitting the same page over and over and over again.

This is the ultimate example of ineptness.  This situation is now a week old and Google has yet to resolve the problem.

I've given up thinking they know what they're doing and that they care about the damage they do to others through this kind of problem.  The fact is Google hasn't a clue what they're doing, has shown a complete disregard for the financial harm they're doing to me by continually chewing up my bandwidth well above and beyond what I pay for each month, and is in fact completely unable to fix a problem they created.

This is truly a pathetic tale to tell.  I'm sure the Google stockholders would be quite interested in knowing about this situation.  It demonstrates a lack of control from the top down, a lack of technical expertise and a lack of customer service, not to mention a deceptive business practice of claiming the user is their number one priority when in fact they've shown that to be entirely untrue.

I sent another e-mail this morning with more information from the log files.  I copied the executive assistant who has been the only one to show any customer service attitude whatsoever.  I've given up hoping it will make a difference at this point, but at least I have a document trail that shows they intentionally stole my bandwidth when they've known about the problem for five days and have yet to resolve the issue.

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