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  1. Chocolate or vanilla ice cream?

    This may seem a frivolous question, but I am wondering which people prefer, and have they changed preferences over the years. As a child, and into most of my adulthood I would have said chocolate in an instant. Now I find myself preferring a nice french vanilla, and the subtle flavors it provides.

    Does this mean I’m getting old or something? 😯

  2. This is eerily bizarre that you did that. I want to start a new comments game that is based entirely on choices, making a choice and providing a brief explanation, then creating a new choice. You scare me.

    The answer: chocolate. I’ve never liked vanilla. Chocolate, on the other hand, is one of my greatest weaknesses.

    No, you’re not getting older. People change regardless of whether they’re young or old.

  3. Vanilla. I’ve never, for some reason, been a big chocolate fan. But I like vanilla very much. Always have. But I’m a dull sort 😉

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