MedBlogs Grand Rounds is a recent blog carnival I’ve discovered.  I think you’ll like it; there’s some excellent writing here, and certainly some medical information worthy of note.  I’ve even added a new “medicine” blog link section in the sidebar as I’ve progressively become enamored of medical blogs — especially after having fallen so in love with Dr. Charles and The Cheerful Oncologist.

Originally intended as a tasty morsel, a hamster befriended the snake he was meant to feed.  They’ve become roommates and friends at the Tokyo zoo.  Very cool.

This page is too stupid.  I know you can think of at least a few sites that should have that page on them.  (And read the whole thing; it’s funny.)

I am thrilled that the U.S. Supreme Court upheld Oregon’s assisted suicide law.  Notice the split in the vote on the court, however, and you’ll see what Alito’s confirmation will do to this country (think Terry Schiavo and you get the idea of what the government wants to do: tell you precisely what medical care you can and can’t have, an offensive proposition indeed).

Tanlged Bank #45 is online.  For those of you who have never bothered to look at those despite my constant posting of the links, Tangled Bank is a recurring collection of the best recent science blog posts.  If you are scientifically inclined at all, you’ll enjoy visiting these as they become available (which I’ll always post here).

If you have a cell phone, you’ll want to read this post from Ethan about getting some money back from the government.  I repeat: if you have a cell phone, the government owes you money, and you can claim the refund for the last three years.

It’s nice to see the UN is consistent in its peace-keeping efforts: failure after failure.

Intelligent Design or “No Model” Creationism: A Total Fraud and a Scam.  Very much worth your time.  [via Pharyngula]

Remember Lonnie Latham, the Baptist minister who was an outspoken critic and opponent of homosexuals who recently was arrested for asking a male police office for oral sex?  He resigned “from his church, the board of directors of the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and the executive committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.”  Good riddance to bad religious rubbish.

Pastor calls for Microsoft boycott over gay civil rights.  So much for hate the sin and not the sinner, or let he who is without sin cast the first stone, or judge not lest ye be judged…  I’m so tired of religious bigots — and they are hate-filled bigots.  They don’t practice what they preach, they don’t read their own damned bible or follow its teachings, they openly practice intolerance and hatred and bigotry, and they are shameless sinners and haters of their own god (so says the bible of those who act in this manner).  I’m becoming increasingly frustrated with the religious war on gays.  I’m even more surprised that so few of them can see their own hypocrisy when practicing blatant hatred and intolerance.

Don’t get old.

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