You know it’s humid when…

…you put dry cat food out at 6 AM and it has the consistency of room-temperature Play-Doh by 9 AM.  It mushes between the fingers just as easily.

I’ll have to give it to the raccoons and opossums tonight because the cats won’t eat it in that state.  Luckily, Vazra got his fill at 6 AM, as did another of the neighborhood cats who graced me with her presence today (I’ll post a photo of her momentarily).

But back to the weather…

The tropical air mass currently hovering over North Texas is simply gross.  It’s an oppressive mess indeed.  You know the kind.  It’s like taking a very hot shower with the door closed, thereby filling the bathroom with steam, and then stepping out of the shower and wrapping yourself from head to toe with warm, wet towels.  Yes, it’s that nasty.  It sits on you like a weight.  Because there is no wind, it’s even worse because it just hangs there and smothers everything.

It’s thankfully cloudy and won’t get as hot as it normally would, otherwise it would be much worse.  Then again, this is Texas in summer.  It’s inherently bad.  What we really need is rain—a lot of rain.  We’re more than 20 inches (half a meter) below our normal rainful for the last 12 months.  The drought is so bad here that the entire area is under water restrictions.  Many are already in stage 3 or stage 4.  Sadly, I don’t think it will get better.  Climate change will see to that.

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