Covered in kitty cocaine

I blame it on xocobra.  He delivered a healthy supply of catnip just before Christmas.  The Kids, as you can imagine, thought that was a very nice thing to do.  Once they were all jacked up on drugs, however, they couldn’t remember their own names or even where the fix had come from.

Unfortunately, not only do they sniff and eat the stuff, but they wallow in it like pigs in muck.  Like the previous episode in which he practically bathed in it before dragging it around the house, Vazra once again found himself painted in green tidbits.  Once he’d had his fill, he then proceeded to carry it with him everywhere he went, and that in turn left a massive stockpile of catnip strategically spread in every nook and cranny.

Vazra covered in catnip as he walks out of the kitchen (157_5783)

But who minds the mess?  Not me.  And they certainly don’t.

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