I submitted the photos today.  What photos?  These photos.

Here’s what I can tell you in addition to what I already said about this.

The book is a field guide to wildflowers.  Its scope appears regional.

I can tell you it’s being written by “noted naturalists Rick and Nora Bowers, with Stan Tekiela,” and will cover more than 200 species.

The publisher says their “goal is to educate people on the wonderful variety of wildflowers and the types of habitat critical to their survival.”

Although I only posted a few photos of the specific flower about which they contacted me, I provided them with the handful of images I have of that species.  They can peruse what’s available and decide which, if any, fulfill their requirements.

If they decide to use one or more of the photos, we’ll sign a contract selling publication rights to them for the image(s) they choose to publish, and only for the one book presently being considered.  Any future use will require a new contract.

You can see the flower in question in the last photo of this post and in the whole of this post

I again will admit what I’ve said all along: I’m an amateur when it comes to photography.  The photos I post here are the result of luck and numbers (i.e., I take a lot of pictures with the hope that at least one of them will be presentable).  To have been contacted about this represents a thrill I never imagined and can’t describe.

Even if none of the images are used, receiving that preliminary e-mail was a fantastic buzz.  It was also a kick in the pants telling me to keep doing what I’m doing, to keep snapping photos of what catches my eye.  Somewhere, someone wants to see the same thing.

Or so I believe.

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